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Your fine wine is precious. But without proper storage, it’s also at risk of falling short of its full potential.

For thirty years, we’ve helped connoisseurs from around the world maximise the value and pleasure of their collections.

We’re known across the fine wine world for our no-compromise commitment to extraordinary care.

It’s why investors pay more for Octavian-stored wine, and why we’re first choice for connoisseurs the world over.



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Carved in stone: the unique history of Octavian Vaults

Our home, locally known as Eastlays Mine, has a fascinating history from its origins in stone quarrying to its contemporary use in fine wine storage.

Thoughts from the vaults: cellaring resolutions

One allure of fine wine is its lifeline. Many of the bottles in Octavian’s vaults have been with us for decades, acquiring depth, nuance and value. No wonder that these wines are opened to celebrate precious milestones.   Such transcendent wine experiences are created through diligence and are threatened by…

Thoughts from the vaults: December 2023

Rare bottles hold stories as well as wine. The world at large has been fascinated by tales of long-lost wines and spirits recovered from shipwrecks or found in a forgotten corner of a cellar. One of the most famous (and cringe-inducing) is that of a 1787 Château Margaux alleged to…

We are delighted to announce that we are now working with the Institute of Masters of Wine as a Major Supporter.