With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may well be thinking of ways to impress your other half with some sumptuous fine wine. As purveyors of wine cellarage and storage, this is a subject that is quite close to our hearts and there are a few wines that we think are simply perfect for such an occasion. Of course, nothing says romance quite like a three-course meal and a good bottle of wine but which one to choose?

From rich, deep red wines to light, sparking pink bubbles, this time of the year is perfect for wine fans looking for a taste of something special. Rather than reaching for your tipple, set the mood and light some candles whilst sipping some of the finest bottles on offer. What better way is there to spend a Valentine’s evening in with your special someone?

Today, we bring you our guide for bottles of wine you could share with your significant other on one of the most romantic days of the year.

Something Sparkling

If it’s something aesthetically pleasing you’re looking for and want something to charm your other half, then a Brut Rosé might be the perfect pick. Pink champagne is certainly popular when it comes to advertising Valentine’s Day, and bubbles set the tone perfectly for a Valentine’s evening to remember.

Pale pink in shade, dry in taste and with plenty of fruity notes, a Brut Rosé is the perfect accompaniment to have before your meal or to enjoy with chicken or fish. With a tangy taste and delicate bubbles, balanced beautifully with red fruit aromas, we recommend a bottle of Dumangin Fils or something similar, especially if you are trying to impress someone rather sophisticated.

Something Special

You could always go one further and go straight for champagne, especially if your Valentine is a date you are really trying to impress. The fresh complexity of a bottle of proper champagne goes down well at the dinner table, but it’s versatility means it just as good as an aperitif or mixed in a champagne cocktail. Bellini’s perhaps?

For something really special, drop a bitters-soaked sugar cube into the bottom of your flute, add a shot of brandy and fill with your choice of champagne for a great pre-dinner tipple and an unrivalled start to proceedings.

Something Rouge

If bubbles are just a little bit too obvious for your Valentine’s Day celebrations, then why not go for something red? It is of course the colour of love and there are some tantalising options available that we think are ideal for setting the right tone as a Valentine’s Day wine.

The options are pretty much endless with Bordeaux, Merlot, Malbec’s and Rioja’s all staking a great claim but we have thrown a bit of a curve ball and gone for a Dievole Chianti Classico.

This wine is fittingly intense but without being overpowering and the violet aromas and lingering spicy taste makes it perfect for 14th February, in our opinion. There are few things classier than a high quality Italian red wine and if your significant other is a fan of the red grape, you can’t really go wrong with a Chianti.

Woo Them With a White

We rarely recommend a Chardonnay here at Octavian due to the mediocrity of many on the market, but we think we have found an absolute blinder if you are searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day white wine.

The 2012 La Follette Sangiacamo Chardonnay is soft on the palate but really tickles the taste buds and is sure to create a fantastic backdrop to a romantic evening, should Vino Blanco be your weapon of choice. There is a cheeky vanilla aftertaste to this one too and many say it can be rather aphrodisiacal, so it’s a no brainer really.

Last Port of Call

Okay, this isn’t strictly a wine but we have covered bubbles, champagne, red and white so why not finish with a tipple which just oozes elegance and could be the ideal way to end your Valentine’s evening with a bang.
30 Year Old Tawny Port is one of our favourites here at Octavian HQ, which emanated from deep in the Douro valley. Matured in seasoned oak casks by Taylors, who are seen by many to be the absolute best; this port never fails to hit the spot.

Silky, sweet and honey like, you wouldn’t want to drink copious amounts of this one but combine this with your after dinner cheese and we challenge you not to feel like you are in heaven with every sip; there is certainly something “Valentiney” about this selection.

With such a selection between great wines, we’re confident you can impress your significant other this Valentine’s Day.