There is surely no day of the year more suitable for enjoying some of the finest wines money can buy, than Christmas Day.

Given the time, money and effort you have put into preparing a delicious meal for your family and possibly friends; this demands to be complemented by a great wine.

As purveyors of all things fine wine, this is inevitably one of our favourite periods of the year here at Octavian and as such, we have put together following guide to the best wines to drink with your Christmas dinner and of course, throughout the period.

What Is The Best Christmas Wine?

As we often mention here at the Octavian blog, your preference in terms of wine will of course depend on your palate, what you are eating and your general taste but there are wines for Christmas dinner that have built up a reputation over years due to their unrivalled quality.

There are two wines in particular though, that we feel will help to bring your Christmas Day together perfectly and due to their versatility; complement whatever you are eating and serve as great drinking wines once your Christmas meal has been served.

Read on to find out what our experts thinks and some suggestions as to the best places to purchase these festive wines for the best price.


As we have alluded to already, versatility is key at Christmas due to the fact that you are likely to be drinking in a range of different scenarios. It is for this reason that Prosecco has become one of the most widely drunk beverages in the world.

It is perfect for welcoming guests to your home or party venue and many like to stay on this sparkling wine throughout the day.

If you are serving a white meat on Christmas Day, then Prosecco could be the perfect Christmas wine as it will be the perfect foil for your Turkey, Goose, Capon or any other similar bird.

Prosecco is of course Italy’s famous sparkling white wine and there are Spanish counterparts such as Cava, but it is Prosecco that has cemented its reputation as the king of these wines due to the quality of the grapes around the region and the ideal climate.

Its popularity has meant that there are hundreds of Prosecco’s for you to choose from for your Christmas meal and picking the very best can be quite a daunting task.

Below is one we strongly recommend you consider.

Collialto Prosecco Di Conegliano Valdobbiadene Brut

This one gets the vote as our favourite due to the fact it is dry and light, making it ideal for a wide range of social situations. There is a touch of fruit sweetness on the mid-palate with an aromatic finish and the crispness of the bubbles remain throughout, keeping it fresh at all times.

If you are enjoying any seafood at Christmas, this Prosecco will be perfect and we feel it is the perfect match for any vegetarian dishes too. We can’t really find any fault with this Prosecco, making it our undoubted recommendation at your sparkling option this Christmas.

You can find this Prosecco at a number of locations both online and on the high street, but the best price we could find was through the Whisky Exchange and you can find out more about this fantastic wine here.

Pinot Noir

Again, if you a regular reader here at Octavian this won’t be the first time you have heard us waxing lyrical about Pinot Noir. One of the most successful new world wines you can find, this wine’s drinkability and you guessed it, versatility, makes it simply perfect for Christmas Day.

Although you will be unlikely to be looking for cheapest options if you are a fine wine fan or indeed, looking to push the boat out for Christmas, Pinot Noir has a great reputation for being excellent value for money.

Our favourites tend to emanate from New Zealand and below you can see our top pick when it comes to picking the best Pinot Noir wine for Christmas Dinner.

Mount Brown Pinot Noir (2016)

Following the resounding success of this wine’s 2014 offering, last year’s version went on to build on that and gain a reputation as one of the great Pinot Noirs. As such, this Frank Manifold product is still readily available and should find itself onto thousands of Christmas Day tables around the world this year.

As is the case with many Pinot Noir wines, the Mount Brown is well balanced and pure with undertones of cherry and raspberry, meaning it will go well with a myriad of rich dishes and red meats. If you are serving game this Christmas, then we think you will find this wine to be simply perfect as an accompaniment.

Again, you should be able to find this wine quite easily in good wine retailers on the high street, if not you can order it online by clicking on the following link.

Between these two superb wines, we’re confident you can impress your family and any guests you are welcoming this Christmas and ensure your culinary efforts are enhanced perfectly by your wine choices.