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In this blog post, we search for the best luxury vineyards around the world, so this is the top list we believe you should put at the top of your agenda.

Where Are The Best Luxury Vineyards?

These days, you can find luxury vineyards all across the world. Provided the climate is right, you can find amazing wines pretty much anywhere (although the more sunshine the better for producing absolutely stellar wines).

In Europe, the hotspots tend to be in southern France and Italy, although areas in the eastern parts of Europe such as Hungary are growing in reputation. All offer luxury breaks where you can sample the wine, enjoy the weather and even soak in some culture whilst you are there.

Luxury Vineyards In Italy

Due to its virtually unrivalled weather the country and soil quality is probably regarded as the finest location anywhere for exquisite vineyards.

Chianti, Montepulciano, Prosecco. The wine list goes on and there are more and more great fine wines emanating from the region all the time.

Great wines come from all over Italy but perhaps the richest legacy comes from Tuscany, the idyllic forested area in the country’s underbelly where there are vineyards, hotels and secluded retreats dotted all over the area.

Two wine resorts to visit in Tuscany that also offer accommodation, so you can stay at the beautiful vineyard include:

Capanelle which has 6 hectares of vines and a five-bedroom B&B with a gorgeous pool offering views over vine-clad hills.
Castello di Tonnano which has rooms in a 1,000-year-old castle, plus village houses, pool, tennis court and restaurant.

Luxury Vineyards In France

For very similar reasons, France also as a fantastic reputation when it comes to luxury vineyards and thousands flock to the south of the country every year to sample fine Bordeaux, Merlot and Chablis wines as well as an array of other grapes.

The same passion for the cuisine that is designed to accompany these splendid wines as well as the aforementioned weather and the fact that France is steeped in heritage and legacy, make these vineyards some of the very best you can visit anywhere in the world. Here are a couple of wineries known in France for their stunning beauty.
Domain Saint Amant sits high in the Dentelles de Montmirail mountains and enjoys a unique terroir with the Provencal mistral sweeping across its vines. Stop in for a visit and tasting Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm, or make an appointment for a weekend tasting.
Chateau Latour, located at the southeastern tip of Pauillac in the Medoc region of Bordeaux, France, Chateau Latour produces three red wines: Grand vin, Les Forts de Latour, and Pauillac, made with mostly Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. However, the estate is only open to professionals and wine collectors.

The Napa Valley Wineries

When looking further afield on one’s quest to find the best luxury vineyards in the world, one simply can’t ignore all that the Napa Valley has to offer. Again, the climate in this part of California enables the production of consistently great wines all year around.

Other than some brief periods of decline during prohibition, the Great Depression and an outbreak of vine disease (phylloxera), the region has been synonymous with premium wine production since 1858 and has built up a sterling reputation to rival the old-world wine areas mentioned above since the 1960’s.

There are luxury vineyards peppered all around this vast area and picking every facility worth its salt is impossible. However, we have collated our top ten below for you to take a look at should you ever decide to explore the Napa Valley wineries;

Many of these offer excursions so you can be sure to make the most of any visit. It goes without saying that all of these will include sampling the finest wines in the area and seeing just how these exemplary, world famous wines are produced.

Many investors and collectors find some incredible additions to their wine cellars when exploring the finest luxury vineyards and it could well be that this turns out to be the case for you and your portfolio.

We hope you find the wines you are looking for and enjoy any trip to one of the world’s great vineyards. Remember you can learn about any aspect of fine wine cellarage and wine storage right here at the Octavian website and if you think we can help you to look after any of your collection, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our site or on 01225 818 714. We have a team of fine wine specialists ready and waiting to assist you.