If you have been enjoying the latest articles here at the Octavian blog, then we have a treat for you in the form of our latest fine wine feature.

We have been covering everything from the best English vineyards to the best way to decant your wine, but today we are looking at something that many readers will be keen to learn more about as spring and summer starts to draw closer.

London is of course of the cultural capitals of the world, if not the absolute epicentre when it comes to food, drink and heritage.

As such, there is a vast range of wine bars in the city to choose from which can make finding the very best, quite an arduous challenge. Of course, one can look on review sites and you may even go by word of mouth, but being the good guys we are, the Octavian team has profiles some of our favourites to get you started.

This is of course not a definitive list of every London wine bar worth its salt, but a quick-fire guide to the best wine bars in London according to our team of fine wine aficionados.

Octavians Guide to the Best Wine Bars in London

10 Cases

If you are looking for a wine bar London is truly proud of, then look no further than 10 Cases, nestled predictably in the centre of trendy Covent Garden. One of the best wine bars in the city according to wine fans and critics alike, this venue encapsulates all things France and fine wine.

There are always around 20 ever changing wines on their list and you can choose from a glass, carafe or full bottle and enjoy in this wine bar’s impressive surroundings. The food here is also divine, with dishes inspired by modern European flavours. You can also get 10 Cases specials delivered to your door or take home from their impressive on-site store.

Sager + Wilde

Sager + Wilde is considered to be the crème de la crème of East London wine bars and has produce from all across the globe, catering for every taste and need. If it is an expansive selection you are looking for then these guys are simply perfect and you can enjoy them all in the bar’s seductive and ambient surroundings.

The staff at this London wine bar are almost as impressive as the range and venue too and will be able to answer any query you have about your favourite wines. And then there’s the food…

As you will have noticed already, no top London wine bar is really complete without a great menu and the Sager + Wilde choices are dazzling. Head to this one if you are after a long evening of drinking and chatting wine and nibbling on sumptuous snacks and dishes from all around the world. This wine bar has quite an Australian feel, due to the aforementioned reasons and the décor of the bar itself.


Albertine has made it into the Octavian list of top London wine bars due to quite a quirky reason. This old wine bar has been around for so long that rumours in the capital have it that it inspired the setting for EastEnders’ Albert Square. The wine bar is obviously a lot classier than that but it makes it truly and quintessentially “London”.

These days, the venue is charming and rustic and they usually have around 20 wines that their staff just love to walk and talk you through in detail, perfect for all you fine wine nerds out there. Albertine mainly serves Old World wines and by the glass, and tend to serve with such treats as fresh Parma Ham and cheese. If you want European vibes paired with serious cockney, then the Albertine is absolutely for you.

The Winemakers Club

Finally, we just had to mention The Winemakers Club. This bar has been a favourite haunt of the Octavian team for some time now and when you enter this historic building it’s like going back in time. It feels like a members club but in actual fact, all wine fans are welcome with no subscription required at all!

If you want a trendy wine bar to hang out in at the weekend or perhaps after work then you should be heading to this venue, which can be found conveniently on Farringdon Street. You can of course buy any wines you enjoy in this bar to take home. We think anyone who prefers a pub vibe to a swanky wine bar will find themselves coming back to The Winemakers Club time after time after time.

We suggest you check all these London wine bars out at some point but there are hundreds more, which is why we all love London. In the meantime, do enjoy and let us know if there are any bars you think we have neglected to mention in our list!