There can be no doubt about it, Instagram is now the social media platform of choice for anyone looking to learn more about their favourite hobbies and pastimes. Although the likes of Facebook and Twitter are still widely used, you simply can’t beat “Insta” when looking to share your memories due to its visually appealing nature and the platform’s ever changing features.

With this in mind, we have duly scoured Instagram for the very best wine related accounts for your perusal. These are the best of the world of wine social media has to offer and by following these accounts, you can not only stay abreast of the latest trends the industry has to offer and also interact with some of the biggest names in fine wine.

Best wine instagram accounts


The Wine Wankers

Don’t be put off by the rude name, these guys are hilarious and really know their stuff! Although surely one of the rudest wine Instagram accounts you will find, The Wine Wankers are actually trying to remove some of the stigma that surrounds fine wine and make it more accessible for all to enjoy. Their posts are always eloquent and evocative and it goes without saying that their photos and stories are ever so entertaining. Also a good one if you are looking for some facts and figures about the latest fine wines too, definitely worth a follow sooner rather than later.

Wine With Alex

If you’re not so much of a fine wine purist and always on the lookout for the latest craze or emerging new world wine, then you should definitely check out Wine With Alex. This is run by a Canadian wine lover and it often covers the latest wines emanating from that part of the world, but not exclusively. If you are on the hunt for a wine Instagram account run by a local expert who has an eye for details and is a dab hand at picking the best fine wine filters, then you should give this account a try, you won’t look back.

 The Wine About

We couldn’t put a guide to the best wine Instagram accounts together without mentioning at least one from Australia. Like them or loath them, Aussie wines have been at the forefront of the scene for some time now and their social media accounts are some of the best you will find. This Sydney based wine lover has followers from across the globe and as well as covering the best Australian wines, you will find a strong focus on French viticulture, which is perfect for all you traditionalists. Of course there are photos galore, but we love this wine Instagram account as it is jam packed with facts and recommendations, making it perfect if you are looking for a bit of inspiration.

Richard Miyake

If it’s a classic Instagram account you are after, one with no gimmicks and simply excellent photography showing off some of the world’s best wines, then this is most definitely our recommendation. Easily one of the very best amateur wine photographers you will find on social media, Richard Miyake doesn’t mess around. He loves travelling, wine, his family and of course his dog and this shines through on his account, which should be followed for anyone looking for a no-nonsense wine social media account.

Wine Enthusiast

We have recommended these guys at Octavian before, but not for their social media accounts. Wine Enthusiast is known across the world for its superb fine wine articles, but their Instagram is well worth a look as well. You will find food suggestions, comedy and wine recommendations in equal measure at this account and you will have a great time reading all the comments on their superbly taken photographs, it is quite an obvious one but we strongly recommend this profile.

Travelling Corkscrew

Finally, this is another wine Instagram account that fuses knowledge with humour, as should be the case with any social media account right? You will find some excellent recommendations at the Travelling Corkscrew and we have found several emerging New Zealand wines at this account so far in 2018. This is another Instagram which is filled with fun wine facts and quotes too which can help you to get through your morning or evening, oh and their photography is spot on too.

These wine based Instagram accounts should get you started nicely, but as you will see there are more and more great profiles popping up all the time. If you’re a bit of a camera whizz, why not create your own and snap some of your favourite wines, many of these profiles are discerning fine wine fans just like yourselves!