The fact that you have found your way to the Octavian website means that you are most probably on the hunt for some guidance regarding fine wines, wine investment, the best new wines or perhaps storing some stock you have recently acquired.

Whilst you are undoubtedly in the right place, as our news centre has been growing in popularity of late due to our articles on everything from biodynamic wines to PH levels, today we are looking to bring you something a little bit different, by recommending the best wine magazines for beginners.

Our online articles are a treasure trove of information for newbies and seasoned wine investors but there are some offline publication that we highly recommend for anyone looking to learn more about this exciting sector.

Some of these publications have been around for decades whereas others have emerged more recently, read on to learn about the five wine magazines you need to read as recommended by the Octavian team of fine wine aficionados.

Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator is known by many as one of the most established and best wine magazines available. If you like to read wine ratings and review by authorities in the world of fine wine, then Wine Spectator is always worth a read.

Travel, art and culture are always examined too giving the publication a bit of extra depth and this often exploring the parts of the world you can find the best wines.

There is less mention of food in Wine Spectator than some of the other wine magazines but if you are new to the scene, this publication could well be the ideal place to start.

Wine Advocate

As you may have read in our recent article about Robert Parker Jr, perhaps the most influential wine critic on the planet, Wine Advocate is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to stay up to date on all things Bordeaux.

You can read articles by signing up at and also download the latest issues for your perusal. There is a subscription fee, but many believe it to be a small price to pay to read the latest views of the world’s most prominent wine expert.

To learn more about Robert Parker, click here to read our great article about his acclaimed 100-point scoring system.

Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast is perfect for anyone who likes throwing dinner parties or attending such events, with a keen interest in wine. Experience wine enthusiasts may fine this one little basic but it is perfect for any readers looking for food advice, wine pairings and lifestyle tips.

There are reviews available every month in Wine Enthusiast too, so you can stay abreast of the latest changes in the market, up and coming wines and even the best deals you can find in your local supermarket ore wine merchant.

Wine Maker

If you love for fine wine has taken your down the route of making your own, then this aptly named wine magazine is perfect for you. Making wine from your home has become easier and easier over the years and this magazine helps you to ensure you make the very most out of your product.

The publication includes recipes, interviews with the experts and helpful tips and pointers on the best ways to ensure your foray into wine production goes swimmingly. The magazine isn’t just for producers either, you can find articles much like the ones you will find in the other publications in this guide, making it a very versatile choice.

Noble Rot Magazine

Noble Rot was founded by Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew and has been growing in popularity ever since its launch in 2013.

Keeling is the Louis Roederer Food & Wine Writer of the Year for 2017, the Fortnum & Mason Drink Writer of The Year 2016 and the Louis Roederer Emerging Wine Writer Of The Year 2015; meaning his articles are highly sought after.

The publication, which is also a restaurant and an ever-popular shop has featured the likes of Keira Knightley, Caitlin Moran, Brian Eno and Francis Ford Coppola, merging entertainment and gastronomy and keeping readers coming back time and time again.

Readers can buy the print edition of Noble Rot magazine or read online. The most recent article features BBC Radio 6 DJ, Shaun Keaveny.

Noble Rot is definitely gets our vote as the best wine magazine due to the aforementioned range of features, not just on the latest wines but gastronomy in general.

So, there you have it, Octavian’s five favourite wine magazines and we hope you have as much fun exploring them all as we do. Of course, you should continue to keep track of our fantastic blog for all your fine wine guides online, but these traditional magazines will complement these beautifully. Enjoy!