If you are a regular reader here at Octavian, then the chances are that you enjoy combining great wine with your holidays. Indeed, the two complement each other perfectly causing many wine investors and enthusiasts alike to combine their two favourite things by travelling the world’s finest vineyards.

For this reason, one of the most popular jaunts for wine lovers is to combine their summer holiday with wine tasting in what many regard to be the capital of the world in terms of wine, Italy. This can be an excellent idea as it allows you and your loved ones to see some of the most spectacular scenery in Europe whilst sampling great wine.

Tasting of wine in Italy

Octavians Guide to Wine Tasting In Italy

Unsurprisingly, the options available to you when looking for vineyards in Italy you can visit when on your summer holidays are pretty expansive. The countryside in this part of the world is pretty vast and as such, there are all sorts of different experiences you can go for.

With this in mind, our wine experts have come up with this guide to your Italy summer holidays and how you can enjoy the very best that this fine country has to offer.

So read on to find out our advice on the best wine holidays Italy has to offer and be sure to book early to ensure you can take part on the best tours. We have profiled themes rather than individual tours, so you can do your own research and find the package that is perfect for you.


We have decided to start with Sorrento as this is the region we hear Octavian customers discussing the most as one of the country’s’ best regions for great wine tasting and unforgettable days out.

This option is perfect for any wine lovers who like to get out and about on their trip as one can hike through stunning countryside and see nature such as peregrine falcons and even green lizards before relaxing in lemon groves and of course vineyards in the evening.

You may need to look around for the best wine tours and tasting events but it is well worth it, as this is one of the most untouched and fascinating parts of Italy, not to be missed.

Amalfi Coast

Next in our list is one of luxury and opulence and in contrast to hiking around Sorrento, is the Amalfi Coast which is steeped in history. Century old grape varieties can be enjoyed here and the Romans and Greek are said to have started producing wine here as well as producing some of the finest fayre in Italy.

You can often find tours around the coast which offer cruises to islands such as Capri which has some famous organic vineyards and of course, some of the best seafood you are likely to find anywhere on the globe. You can find out more about this stunning Italian wine tasting destination by contacting operators such as SmoothRed.


Back to the more rural approach, we just had to mention Piemonte if not for its outstanding natural beauty. We mention Barolo quite a lot here at the Octavian blog as one of the finest red wines money can buy and it actually emanates from this region along with its cousin, Barbaresco.

Piemonte is a seemingly unscathed rural area in the north west of Italy and has a stunning backdrop of greenery and ice capped mountains, so aside from the wine tasting opportunities it is quite breath taking.

There are all sorts of excursions available to local vineyards which have been producing some of Italy’s greatest wine for generation and the food is what one would expect – think cheese, chocolate and even snails! ExpressionHolidays is just one of a number of operators who provide luxury trips around this fantastic part of Italy.


Last but certainly not least in our guide to combining your summer holiday with wine tasting in Italy, is Tuscany. As anyone who is lucky enough to have visited this part of the world before will know, this area is simply beautiful and is peppered with great restaurants and vineyards that create some of the country’s best produce.

Arblaster & Clarke are famous for putting together five star tours of this region but there are others or you could try to explore independently. If you do, then be sure to try Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido which is regarded by the locals to be one of Italy’s great red wines. This part of Italy is also sun drenched throughout the summer making it ideal for your family getaway. 

We hope these travelling tips have helped you to find your perfect wine holiday in Italy! Feel free to take a look at some of the other fine wine guides here at the Octavian blog.