Now that spring has finally decided to show its face in the here in the UK, we have seen fit to take a look at some of the very best white wines you should be considering this year.

As we move out of the chilly winter months, many will be switching warming reds for refreshing whites, so it only seems right that we tell you just which you should be sampling this year.

We hope this 2018 guide to spring white wine will come in handy as you start to plan your spring social calendar.

Octavian’s Guide to Spring White Wines

Grab a Sauvignon Blanc

A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc is always a winner in spring because of its fresh taste. Opt for a great quality Sauvignon from South Africa or New Zealand and enjoy with some tasty spring-style cuisine.

The choice of Sauvignon Blanc is getting better with time, and you can get excellent wines at an affordable price at your local supermarket. It’s good to know that quality is readily available should you need it and want something with that extra bit of elegance

If you’re looking for some particular dishes that will go well with your Sauvignon Blanc think along the lines of goat’s cheese and asparagus, grilled fish and other seafood, or anything flavoured with herbs such as coriander or dill.


This isn’t the first time we have mentioned Albarino at the Octavian blog this month, as it has become very popular and versatile. Somewhat of a Spanish sensation, this wine feels like it has been designed to go with seafood and to be enjoyed in glorious weather.

Albarino comes from Galicia in the north west of Spain, where the locals simply love great food and drink and this beverage is ever so indicative of this. If you are eating at a fish restaurant this spring, or perhaps serving seafood at your first barbecue or spring dinner party, then be sure to consider this emerging star of a spring wine.


This wine may have developed a bit of a bad reputation over the years, but there is no denying that if it is your thing, Riesling is a joy to behold. A bit like Marmite, this German wine has split opinion amongst the fine wine community for a long time, but there are some excellent Rieslings on the market.

What makes this wine perfect for spring is its freshness and the fact that it could well be the perfect foil for chicken dishes, seafood such as oysters and anything with an indulgent, creamy sauce.

Pinot Grigio

We couldn’t compile a list of white wines for spring 2018 without mentioning Pinot Grigio. As predictable as it may be, there is a reason why this wine has maintained its popularity for so long and this is because it’s just so versatile, fresh and dependable.

Go for Pinots from regions such as Alto Adige to ensure you don’t end up with one of the insipid, cheaper and inevitably lower quality brands. Enjoy with foods such as risottos or tomato-based pasta dishes.

Light Rose

If you decide to go for rose this spring, then ensure you go for a top-quality light number. We say this because most of the rose on the market these days are actually closer to red wine in terms of their density and alcohol levels, which may not be what you are looking for on a spring evening.

If you are looking for a rose perfect for your spring get together, then go for something Spanish or perhaps from the south of France, and you shouldn’t be disappointed. Pair your rose with a nicoise salad or seared tuna for truly spring-like fusion.


Last on our list of the best white wine to enjoy this spring is of course a classic Prosecco. Much like its Italian cousin, Pinot Grigio, there has been a saturation of these wines on the market in recent years but it is still one of the best when it comes to pairing with great food and enjoying in the spring sunshine.

A good Pinot Grigio goes beautifully with all manner of foods, from fruits like peach and strawberry to cured meats and of course, white meat and fish. Beautifully drinkable and deserving of any spring dinner party, this wine has its reputation for a reason.

These are our top picks when it comes to finding the best white wines to enjoy during Spring 2018. If you found this useful, why not take some time to peruse the rest of the great fine wine articles we have here at the Octavian blog?