Wine lovers can sometimes be tricky to buy gifts for, especially if you aren’t really an expert on fine wines yourself. Buy something too expensive and find out is wrong and you have wasted a lot of money, or go the other end of the scale and you could well end up giving them something that just isn’t good enough.

This is a conundrum that we hear our customers talk about quite often here at Octavian and as such, we have decided to put this guide together which should help you to find the very best gifts for wine lovers, whether they are friends, family or colleagues


Wine gifts for Valentines day


Octavians Top Wine Gifts for 2018

We have duly scoured the market to find you the best wine gift ideas for 2018, so you can rest assured when finding the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life.

A Great Cheese Board

What do wine lovers want nearly as much as a great bottle of Bordeaux? Cheese, of course and the cheese isn’t the only consideration you have here. A great cheese board can really make the difference at a dinner party and your recipient will surely be delighted with such a gift.

You can pick up a premium quality cheese board from websites such as Nordstrom which will not only come in very handy for any cheese fan, but also look the part on any dinner table.

A Decanter to be Proud Of

Similarly, a great decanter can really make all the difference when serving great wine and will surely go down well with even the most discerning wine lovers. Many believe that you can’t really have too any of these items as one will often need a different design or of course, just a new style.

There are few things more satisfying to a wine expert than decanting their wine into a sophisticated and elegant receptacle such as the Riedel Swan Decanter. This one is used by such names as Roman Roth of the Wolffer Estate Vineyard who has described it as a showstopper and even the most elegant decanter in the world.

Stain Remover

We know this one is hardly the most sophisticated gift you will buy a friend or relative, but most wine fanatics will have had the need for a decent red wine stain remover over the years.

It’s happened to us all and red wine can be frightfully difficult to remove, especially from white garments that are perhaps brand new. This specialist red wine stain remover from Chateau Spill has a fantastic reputation and even if the recipient isn’t over the moon when they first receive it, we’re willing to bet they use it sooner rather than later.

You can pick Chateau Spill up from Amazon for around £8.

Posh Wine Stakes

We absolutely loves these here at Octavian, as they make sipping your favourite tipple an absolute piece of cake wherever you are. Have you ever been at a party or picnic and either spilt your wine or battled away with it for hours on an uneven floor or surface?

Well these days will be no more for your lucky recipient with the Yohino Wine Stakes, as you can stick them into the ground wherever you are and rest assured that your all-important wine glass, is safe and sound.

They also look great and would be a welcome addition to any garden party or posh barbecue event. Again, the best place to pick these up is Amazon where they will cost you around £20.

Ralph Lauren Wine Glass

Last but not least is this showstopper of a wine gift idea that will ensure that your recipient looks the part at every event they attend. This wine glass from Ralph Lauren no less, looks every bit the part and comes with all the style and sophistication one would expect from such a brand.

The glass is said to be inspired by Mr. Ralph Lauren’s own car collection and you can of course rest assured that it has been lovingly crafted using only the best materials. You can usually pick this great item up from retailers such as from around £90 and we highly recommend it for any wine lover who likes to look the part at more sophisticated events.

We hope these gifts for wine lovers help you to pick out something truly perfect. If you enjoyed this article, then why not take a look through the rest of the Octavian blog for more fine wine based inspiration?