As one of the UK’s top wine storage companies, the team here at Octavian have been bringing you all manner of advisory pieces and guides as we look to dispel some myths and bring you the lowdown of an industry that is becoming more and more popular.

Investing in fine wines can appeal to a wide range of individuals, from keen collectors, to large companies, or simply investors who see the value in the world’s best wines as a business investment. However, one of the problems is that novices may not know how to look after this expensive merchandise once it has been purchased.

Optimal Wine Storage at Octavian

From the optimum wine storage temperature, to light and even humidity – the considerations you need to bear in mind when buying and then storing exquisite wines are advanced and should only be undertaken by those with expertise and experience.

Unfortunately, we have seen too many times instances of newbies to the fine wine area, buying a case of splendid Bordeaux wines, or similar, and storing them in their home basement or cellar, assuming that this will be adequate to keep their product in. This is almost always not the case and these individuals can experience a tragic loss of value, taste and quality of their wines.

By choosing a great wine storage company, the best wines will often see an increase in the quality of their purchases due to the unrivalled condition in facilities such as our Corsham Cellars in Wiltshire.

The careful management of light, tilt, temperature and humidity, all safely nestled beneath the west country foothills mean that the world’s finest wines will flourish and many see a dramatic increase in the price they can then sell their merchandise on for.

The Merits of Wine Insurance

Insurance is another extra measure you can take in order to safeguard your wines.

Disasters do happen and if you are unlucky enough to experience this, especially given the value of fine wines and the money that can be made, having this extra level of security should be considered for even modest investments.

There are lots options available, due to the tumultuous and unpredictable nature of the industry. Wine cellar insurance packages are usually offered on a bespoke basis to offer maximum flexibility.

For instance, wise investors will often seek a wide variety of options within their wine insurance policy including theft, burglary and wine spoilage. Although this may mean you are unlikely to make the profit you would have hoped from your maturing wines, you can at least recoup much of what you paid in the first place before going on to make your next fine wine purchase.

Like many wine collectors or investors you may want to consider insuring your wine with global coverage. Indeed, by guaranteeing that your wine insurance covers you all around the world you can rest assured your investment is covered in almost any scenario.

Many things get lost in transit around the world every single day. Should this ever occur with a substantial wine investment, a good wine insurance policy can ensure this doesn’t cripple your business, or simply prevent you from being able to enjoy all that the world of sumptuous wines has to offer.

Get In Touch With Octavian

In summary, we quite simply can’t recommend storing your wines with a reputable storage company enough. By boosting this with an excellent wine insurance policy you are giving your product two excellent layers of security.

If you have any questions about wine storage or cellarage, then simply get in touch with the team of fine wine specialists here at Octavian.

We love talking about wine and will be able to offer advice about your concern.