Professional wine storage is obviously something we take very seriously at Octavian, but not everyone realises the vast potential of keeping your fine wines in optimum conditions. When asking those who are new to the world of fine wine, they often believe that is just a case of space and that storing their wines externally is simply a case of logistics; they could not be more wrong.

Although the more seasoned wine experts out there will need to introducing to the virtues of exemplary cellarage, we thought we should put together this guide to the benefits of professional wine storage, in the hope that more and more fine wines reach their potential rather than being ruined by sub-standard conditions.


Benefits of storing wine professionally


What Is Fine Wine Storage

If you have recently ventured into fine wine investment or taken your hobby to the next level of late, then you may well have found that your domestic wine cellar isn’t really fit for purpose. Space issues and the fact that your wine is most probably being stored with a range of other random items may well have forced you to consider the benefits of professional wine storage.

The connection between perfect conditions and excellent fine wine is rarely debated and if you have spent considerable money on your wines, which is likely to be the case if you know what you are doing, then ensuring that they age suitably and reach their potential is of paramount importance.

Indeed, investing in wine storage can not only ensure your investment does not become damaged, it can see the quality and value soar if you decide to use a reputable facility.

What Are The Key Factors?

At the very minimum, there are some key factors that any wine storage service should guarantee. These are:


This factor should not be understated and is something we take very seriously at our Corsham Cellars. It is actually one of the most difficult elements to control as it involves creating an atmosphere where the air is carefully monitored and maintained. Ensuring this is spot on can ensure that a young Bordeaux with bags of potential grows into a masterpiece.

Light & Vibration

It goes without saying, that fine wines should not be moved. Once you have moved then into your professional wine storage of choice then they should not experience any vibration whatsoever until such as time as you sell your merchandise or decide to uncork it.

Light is very similar, fine wines should be kept away from any kind of light and when looking for the perfect conditions for your product, you should be looking for a still, dark environment.


Alongside the quality of the air, is of course the temperature. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that freezing or overly warm air is not good for your wine, whatever type of grape it has emanated from.

Temperature can be a friend and it can be a foe when it comes to you wine, so a professional wine storage company such as ourselves will ensure that your merchandise is kept between 13 and 14 degrees Celsius, this will ensure full potential is reached.


The final point is security and this is another that we are quite obsessive about here at Octavian. Insolvency, fraud and general misdemeanour are not uncommon these days even in the fine wine sector, so choosing a company that has security and integrity at the heart of its ethos is extremely important.

Octavians Corsham Cellars

These are the benefits of choosing a professional wine storage company and if this seems like it fits perfectly with your need, why not find out more about our famous Corsham Cellars. We of course adhere to all of the above fundamentals but we also like to think we add that little bit extra.

Our cellars are nestled beautifully under the Wiltshire hills an encased in Bath stone, making it a quite stunning location for your wines but also extremely secure. Thinking about the factors above that are so important for your wines, you can see how our facilities are pretty much second to none, allowing no light, vibration or heat to ever come into contact with your product.

Our cellars are constantly monitored too using the latest technology and a team of fine wine experts who have worked on conditioning the finest wines for decades. Providing the very best fine wine storage facilities is somewhat of an obsession for us and nothing is left to chance.

So, if you would like to enquire about storing your wines in our incredible location you can contact us via this website or by calling 01225 818 714. You can also access a range of articles and features about every aspect of fine wine, by taking a look through the rest of our fascinating blog!