As our regular readers will tell you, we are nearly as committed to educating our readers about all things wine as we are cellarage and wine storage. We have covered the best wine websites and podcasts in the past but today we have decided to take a look at our favourite wine books of 2018.

There are writers aplenty out there when it comes to fine wine which can make finding the best books somewhat of a challenge, but fear not as true to form we have put the very best together for you right here at the Octavian blog.


Educational wine books


The New Wine Rules – Jon Bonné

As is stated in the front cover of this quite excellent book, this a “genuinely helpful guide to everything you need to know” about the subject of fine wine. A great confirmation of knowledge for establish wine buffs or a superb introduction for any newbies looking to make that transition from wine enthusiast to seasoned expert; this is the best wine book on the market for 2018.

We couldn’t put it down and even some of our longest serving wine specialists learnt a thing or two from this book and it has duly been receiving rave reviews across the pond in the USA and here in the UK.

Sommeliers and wine drinkers alike have been carrying this book around as somewhat of a bible since it came out and it also dispelled a few myths that have been knocking around for decades.

You can of course pick this book up at Amazon for around £8.

The World Atlas of Wine – Hugh Johnson & Jancis Robinson

This book is a thoroughly different affair and it less of a bible but more of a collector’s item, the title says it all really as it truly is the world atlas of wine. If you’re a fan of visuals then this book is probably for you as its full of great graphics and maps as it takes you around the world on a journey of fine wine.

It is a technical book nonetheless and is probably the closest thing you will find to a wine tasting book as there are notes from producers and sommeliers. It isn’t as wordy as some wine books are due to its nature as an atlas, but you will spend many an hour sifting through this fantastic book before it takes pride of place on your book shelve.

One to be shown off at dinner parties perhaps, but either way it should be purchased from everyone’s favourite online book shop for around £26.

Secrets of the Sommeliers – Rajat Parr & Jordan Mackay

Subtitled, “How To Think and Drink Like the World’s Top Wine Professionals” this is the ideal purchase if you are on the lookout for a wine tasting book that will help you to become a great sommelier. Certainly not for a novice unless you are looking to tackle fine wine head on, this is written by two authors who have profound knowledge of this great industry and tested even some of our senior specialists here at Octavian.

This book also offers fascinating insight into the industry and just how it works as well as opinions from renowned wine directors. Not a light read by any stretch of the imagination but crucial reading if you are looking to take the world of fine wine seriously and you can find out more about its content and best retailers here.

Champagne: The Essential Guide to the Wines, Producers and Terroirs if the Iconic Region

One of the best wine books 2018 has had to offer to date without a doubt, this mammoth book comes in a truly stunning box and has a set of maps which makes it the ultimate gift for anyone who loves Champagne.

The only way to really describe this wine book is world class as it is captivating from the first sentence and its presentation oozes all the class that its topic does. From the photography and analysis of the area to the feel of the pages and of course the content within, this book left many of us lost for words when reviewing.

Undoubtedly the world of wine’s most romantic topic, this book has to be seen to be believed really and you can find it online at a range of reputable retailers. If you are looking for a show stopping gift or simply a truly comprehensive guide to champagne that will surely last forever, we can’t recommend this book enough and we already have one on its way to Octavian HQ.

These are some of our favourite wine books to date this year so far, we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did. If you found this guide useful, why not take a look through some of the other great fine wine articles we have here at Octavian.